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Subscriptions reimagined

Access creates new user incentives through ‘ACS locking’.

ACS Locking

Users subscribe to creator ‘pools’ with the ACS token, unlocking a set of content or services determined by the creator. In addition to receiving content, when you subscribe to a creator pool, both you and the creator split a daily reward.

Reward split

The key difference between Access subscriptions and the average subscription: As a user you retain ownership of your tokens (or your ability to subscribe).


In this system, you can stay in a pool for as long or as little as you’d like, eliminating the need to jump through hoops to cancel your subscription or worry about renewal dates.

2% fee

In order to subscribe to a creator, you pay a 2% fee, so be sure to understand their offering beforehand! This fee is burned, or removed from the total circulation of ACS tokens.


You can use the protocol reward to contribute more ACS to your existing creator, or discover other creators in the ecosystem and subscribe to their content offerings, all via the access content hub.