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Creating a new fee generation stream

ACS rewards split between users and creators incentivizes creators to produce valuable content for their audience.

In turn, consumers are rewarded for supporting their favorite creators and publications.

Ultimately, this enables all digital media companies to prioritize user experience and realigns creator incentives.

Increase the number of fee-generating users

Consumers can seamlessly access paywalled content by connecting their wallets and locking ACS in a creator pool in perpetuity with a single click. No credit cards, no sign-up, minimal friction.

In the B2C subscription world, most digital media companies maintain less than a 0.5% audience penetration rate.

Web3 has introduced a seamless way to intertwine on-chain identity with new products and services.

Significant increase in user lifetime value (LTV)

While Access Protocol allows creators to set the minimum threshold for ACS locked in a particular pool, it does not have a limit on the maximum number of tokens locked.

This creates the ability for a "super supporter" to pledge well above the minimum threshold, resulting in higher revenue per user, decreased likelihood of churn, and higher user LTV.

A multidimensional platform for audience engagement

The Access creator dashboard will provide visibility into which users are their most loyal and long-standing supporters.

Layering in value-add strategies such as NFT drops, access to exclusive events, bonus features for super supporters, and other incentives further strengthens the relationship between creator and consumer.