What is Access Protocol?

The whitepaper gives an overview of how Access Protocol works and the problems in digital media monetization it aims to solve.

How do creators work with Access Protocol?

There are two ways in which content creators can participate in Access Protocol:

  1. Integrate Access Protocol's staking interface onto your website
  2. Hosting their content in The Access Content Hub

You can fill out this form to learn more about integration with Access Protocol.

Does it cost money to implement Access Protocol?

Access Protocol is open sourced and 100% free to integrate or use.

How secure is Access Protocol?

Access Protocol has completed a full audit conducted by Halborn (view here). Also, our smart contracts and developer tooling is open-sourced.

What is ACS?

ACS is the native token of Access Protocol. When staked, ACS unlocks content from a specific creators pool.

How do creators monetize with Access Protocol?

Creators can launch their own pools giving users the ability to stake ACS in exchange for premium content or to simply support a creator.

How do users get content?

Users stake the native ACS token in a creator pool to unlock a specific creator's content.

Where does the protocol reward come from?

The protocol reward comes from the protocol inflation rate, which is currently set to 5%. This reward is split evenly between creators and consumers.

How often are rewards claimable?

Rewards are claimable on a daily basis.

Are there any fees?

There is a 2% staking fee paid by the user. All staking fees are burned each month.

When will Access Protocol Launch?

Access Protocol is set to launch in Q4 2022.

What blockchain is Access Protocol built on?

Access Protocol is a blockchain agnostic ecosystem. Initially, Access Protocol will launch on Solana and Starknet.

Where can I acquire ACS?

Currently, you can only acquire access through the ACS airdrop through receiving a unique referral link. Hint: join our Discord to potentially find one of these links!